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Activity 9a: Look at API documentation jobs and requirements

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Activity 9a: Look at API documentation jobs and requirements

In this activity, you’ll get a sense of the skills needed for the jobs in your location, and then draw up a plan.

  1. Go to
  2. In the Where field, type your desired location.
  3. Search for “API technical writer” or some combination of API + technical writer + developer documentation jobs.
  4. Read the descriptions of 5 jobs.
  5. Note a few of the salient requirements for these jobs.
  6. Assess where you’re currently at with the following:
    • Portfolio with writing samples that include developer documentation
    • Technical knowledge related to developer domain
    • Experience writing developer documentation
  7. Make a plan for how you’ll match up your portfolio, tech knowledge, and experience related to what these job descriptions are asking for. You might need to dedicate more time to an open-source documentation project to build up the needed skills.
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