How to increase awareness of tech comm inside corporate walls

By Tom Johnson / @tomjohnson

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Introduction to influence on the web

Introduction to influence on the web

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Initial attempts and failures

Initial attempts and failures with workplace content

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Building an audience on the web

Part 1

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Creating engaging content

Creating engaging content: A balance of interests

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Finding a focus

Focusing on user pain points

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The newsletter in the corporation

The newsletter as the social content of corporations

Independent voices vs. propaganda

"Internal newsletters are used to raise employee morale, to boost productivity, to communicate a company's culture, and to encourage ethical behavior. In pursuit of these goals, editors also struggle with the issue of candidness versus corporate politics. How much does journalism apply to a company newsletter, if at all? ... If the readers perceive the newsletter as being used for a "message boy" by an organization, the readership will drop off as credibility is lost." ("An Analysis of the Corporate Newsletter...," by Myra Lavenue Cole)

Workplace dynamics and culture

Workplace dynamics and culture unique from the web

Linkbait temptations, transparency

Linkbait temptations and limits of transparency

Other forms of internal marketing

Other forms of internal marketing

Measuring outcomes of engagement

Initial outcomes of my experiment


The end

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