Single-sourcing data into table templates in Jekyll

Jekyll lets you separate out your data from your presentation layer. You can store your data in a YAML file and then populate the data into templates as desired, passing parameters into includes. In this post, I describe my process for creating tables where I might re-use the same definitions in various places in the docs. Read more »

Upcoming API Documentation Workshop in Mountain View, Calif., on August 30, 2019

I'm giving an API Documentation Workshop in Mountain View, California, on August 30, 2019. Although I've given more than a dozen API documentation workshops at various conferences over the past several years, this one is different. For this workshop, I'm organizing it myself. You can register on Eventbrite. Read more »

Every project is a monster you battle and slay

Some tech comm projects are like monsters we battle. Is there any truth to the idea that it takes a monster to kill a monster? Read more »