Results from survey about engineers who write documentation

I recently conducted a survey with engineers who write documentation to see why they are coming to my API documentation site — whether certain trends are pushing them to write more documentation, or whether the technology landscape is becoming more complex, or some other reason. Results from the survey are provided below. The most interesting result is that engineers who write docs almost unanimously agree that they prefer to treat docs like code. Read more »

My documentation takeaways from the Boeing disaster -- two essential doc questions to ask for any project

Although I'm not familiar with FAA-regulated flight manuals, when I read about the Boeing disaster and the lack of information around the controversial MCAS feature, my two takeaways from a documentation perspective are to ask these questions: How does this product differ from other products? and What does the customer need to know? These are challenging questions in any documentation project. Read more »

Biking at Alviso County Park (Santa Clara)

A brief account of biking in Alviso County park's pathways. Read more »