Themes from 2021: working from home and podcasting

Many themes surfaced in 2021, but I want to address two: working from home and podcasting. Read more »

Site analytics for 2021 -- a few observations and reflections

I updated my site analytics page for 2021. As far as noteworthy metrics, not much that has changed, but there are a few small trends worth reflecting on. Read more »

PDF and eBook formats available for API doc course

PDF and eBook formats are now available for my API doc course. People have long-requested these formats, and I finally decided to create and make them available. Read more »

Upcoming presentation for Megacomm: How to increase awareness of tech comm inside corporate walls

I'm giving a presentation called How to increase awareness of tech comm inside corporate walls in February 2022 at the Megacomm conference, which is a conference for tech comm professionals in Israel. (This year's conference will be a hybrid of online and in-person events.) A description of my presentation is below. Read more »

One year later after moving to Seattle

A few people have asked me how I like Seattle and how things are going after the move. Given that it's been a year since we moved to Seattle, I thought this would be a good topic to write about. Overall, the move was a good decision, and we've all adjusted well. As I head into the next year, one thing that concerns me is that I've been writing less, so in 2022 I plan to rekindle that energy. Read more »