Beyond 'parts' documentation: Moving towards systems thinking with developer portals

In this post, I continue the series on systems thinking and tech comm, describing my experience in writing a documentation project plan for a large project involving multiple APIs. I argue that we should look at how APIs interact as a network rather than just documenting each API as a standalone part. Read more »

The influence of language-generative AI tools on tech comm: parlor tricks or disruption?

This post is part of a series that explores tech comm trends that I've either followed or forgotten, and why. The overall goal is to better understand the reasons that drive trend adoption or abandonment in my personal career. This post focuses on language-generative AI tools, such as ChatGPT and others. Read more »

Updates on my standing experiment: surprisingly good for the lower back

In the introduction to this series, Sitting, standing, and walking, I explained a few experiments I've been trying, including treadmill desks, balance boards, and yoga balls. I'm trying to switch between sitting and standing more frequently while working at the computer. In this post, I'll provide some updates on how the experiment is going and what I've learned so far. Read more »

Presentation recording: Specialization myopia syndrome and the content journey

This is a recording of a presentation called Specialization myopia syndrome and the content journey, which I gave to a company's private tech comm event. With their permission, I'm posting it here. You can watch the recording via YouTube or listen the audio file as a podcast. Read more »

Podcast: All about Redocly, with founder Adam Altman

In this podcast, I chat with Adam Altman all about Redocly, an authoring/publishing tool for creating API documentation. Topics we discuss include why he started Redocly, the approach to API doc tools, what explains the continued popularity of Redocly, the docs-as-code approach to API tooling, and more. Read more »

Building your own balance board for a standing desk

This tutorial shows you how to build your own balance board with both single and double rollers, intended for standing intermittently at a standing desk. If you browse balance boards online, you'll find they're expensive for how simple they are: a piece of wood on a roller. Buying all the materials yourself will likely equal the cost of pre-built board, but your custom board will probably be better and you can make multiple balance boards (one for work, one for home). Plus, you can create a balance board with a double roller, or innovate in other ways. Read more »

Finally got Covid -- my experience

After 2.5 years of avoiding it, I finally got Covid, probably Omicron based on the symptoms. I usually don't write about personal illness, but I also figure that my blog would have a void if I never wrote about Covid during the entire pandemic. Read more »