Using WordPress natively for single source publishing and conditional content


In this series, I’m exploring ways to author in DITA and publish with WordPress. In previous posts, some commenters wondered whether it would be possible to simply author everything in WordPress, rather than continually importing from DITA. In this post, I’ll explore that model. One of the strengths of authoring content directly in WordPress is Continue Reading »

Upcoming presentation in downtown San Francisco: Publishing strategies for API documentation


I’m giving the following presentation to the San Francisco STC Chapter on October 15: Publishing strategies for API documentation Most of the common tools for publishing help material fall short when it comes to API documentation. Much API documentation (such as for Java, C++, or .NET APIs) is generated from comments in the source code. Continue Reading »

Thirteen life hacks


The other day I ran across a post detailing 46 brilliant life hacks. Since then I’ve been mulling over a few of my own life hacks and wanted to share them here. The following are a few tips that have worked for me. They are totally random, covering “life” in general, but I’ll share them Continue Reading »

Author in DITA, publish with WordPress


If you’ve been following my posts lately, you’ve seen me explore the tools question numerous times. In this post, I’ll explore combining structured authoring with web publishing on WordPress. In a nutshell, here’s the main idea: structured authoring tools are great for authoring content. Web platforms are great for publishing content. My plan is to Continue Reading »