Feel free to ask me any questions you like. You can contact me directly using one of the following methods, or use the contact form below.

I get a lot of email, so please give me a couple of days to respond. If I don't respond in a couple of days, ping me again to see if I received your email.

Also, sometimes people ask me questions that make for great blog posts. If I think your question would work great as a Question-and-Answer blog post, I'll let you know. By opening up your question for responses on my blog, you'll get much richer, more diverse responses.

Questions I don't respond to

Although I'm pretty open to people contacting me, I don't respond to the following questions:

  • You're taking a technical writing class and your teacher requires you to reach out to a professional technical writer with questions
  • You want to publish a guest post but it's not related to technical writing and you're not a technical writer
  • You're a recruiter trying to pitch me a new job opportunity that doesn't make at least $200k/year

For your convenience, you can also contact me through the form below:

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