1. The reason I always find time to write on this blog

  2. Stoplight -- creating a single source of truth to drive the API lifecycle

  3. My site now has Algolia search integrated

  4. Replaced the previous weather API example in my API course to now use OpenWeatherAPI

  5. Do you have to relocate to an urban tech hub to find a technical writing job?

  6. Strategies from pickup basketball -- Why you shouldn't guard the worst player or focus too much on the documentation no one reads

  7. New Simplifying Complexity article on shaping information into familiar schemas, especially story

  8. A Review of the MadWorld Conference -- guest post by Jayna Locke

  9. New article on Simplifying Complexity: Reduction, layering, and distillation as a strategy for simplicity

  10. The math game my daughter and her friend created with Codesters

  11. What can we learn from the homogenous profiles in the Stack Overflow 2018 survey?

  12. WTD podcast episode 14: Humanizing your documentation

  13. Recording of API documentation workshop in Denver

  14. Guest post: The story behind DocToolHub, a site for finding tech comm tools

  15. Recording of Docs-as-code tools and workflows presentation

  16. Recording of STC San Francisco presentation: Beyond mere endpoint reference — the overlooked content in API documentation

  17. New article in Simplifying Complexity -- Ensuring information harmony in the larger documentation landscape

  18. Perspectives on tech comm from the VP Candidates — Q&A with Pam Brewer

  19. Perspectives on tech comm from the VP Candidates — Q&A with Ben Woelk

  20. Recording of OpenAPI and Swagger presentation (for STC and WTD San Diego)

  21. Two open-ended surveys to gauge practitioner/academic attitudes

  22. New Simplifying complexity tutorial: Discoverability through metadata

  23. New section on my site: Simplifying complexity

  24. WTD Episode 13: Postman for API development and docs — Interview with Postman Founder

  25. Recording of WTD South Bay presentation: Publishing tools for API documentation

  26. Unexpected realizations after a comprehensive review of my 2017 site metrics

  27. New STC Intercom article: How to Research What You Need to Learn to Be Successful as a Technical Writer

  28. What technical writing trends will we see in 2018?

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