1. Recording of API documentation workshop in Denver

  2. Guest post: The story behind DocToolHub, a site for finding tech comm tools

  3. Recording of Docs-as-code tools and workflows presentation

  4. Recording of STC San Francisco presentation: Beyond mere endpoint reference — the overlooked content in API documentation

  5. New article in Simplifying Complexity -- Ensuring information harmony in the larger documentation landscape

  6. Perspectives on tech comm from the VP Candidates — Q&A with Pam Brewer

  7. Perspectives on tech comm from the VP Candidates — Q&A with Ben Woelk

  8. Recording of OpenAPI and Swagger presentation (for STC and WTD San Diego)

  9. Two open-ended surveys to gauge practitioner/academic attitudes

  10. New Simplifying complexity tutorial: Discoverability through metadata

  11. New section on my site: Simplifying complexity

  12. WTD Episode 13: Postman for API development and docs — Interview with Postman Founder

  13. Recording of WTD South Bay presentation: Publishing tools for API documentation

  14. Unexpected realizations after a comprehensive review of my 2017 site metrics

  15. New STC Intercom article: How to Research What You Need to Learn to Be Successful as a Technical Writer

  16. What technical writing trends will we see in 2018?

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