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Feel free to contact me using the form below. However, for most questions, I recommend two other channels instead:

Still want to contact me? Note that I ignore a few topics:

  • Requests to describe a day in the life of a technical writer
  • Requests from students to interview a professional technical writer
  • Questions about whether tech writing is a good career fit for you
  • Requests to write guest posts that contain backlinks to your product
  • Invitations for SEO services for my site
  • Outreach from recruiters trying to fill contract roles at companies

Here’s the form to contact me:

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About Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson

I'm an API technical writer based in the Seattle area. On this blog, I write about topics related to technical writing and communication — such as software documentation, API documentation, AI, information architecture, content strategy, writing processes, plain language, tech comm careers, and more. Check out my API documentation course if you're looking for more info about documenting APIs. Or see my posts on AI and AI course section for more on the latest in AI and tech comm.

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