1. How to lose weight without starving yourself

  2. WordPress tip: Create a series of posts

  3. Researching the right keywords (search engine optimization)

  4. Get a technical writing internship or on-the-job experience without having much time for it

  5. My Christmas wishlist on Techwhirl

  6. Single sourcing and duplicate content (search engine optimization)

  7. Introduction, frames, iframes, and tech comm tools (search engine optimization)

  8. Collapsible header sections -- more problematic than helpful

  9. TC Camp Unconference in San Jose, Calif. on January 25, 2014

  10. Making website banner ads more visible

  11. Is Atlassian Marginalizing Confluence Power Users? Guest Post by Steve Goldberg

  12. A bucket list for a career in tech comm?

  13. Questions from readers: How to organize reviews, and whether a dedicated editor is worthwhile

  14. A few things tech writers frequently say: Videos tedious, topics best when short, people just use Google, and more

  15. The Bug Badge

  16. Balancing new and familiar: Avoiding the Groundhog day syndrome

  17. Imperfect content and the difficulty of writing video scripts

  18. Everything I needed to know about technical writing I learned in preschool...

  19. Guest Post by Edgar Allan Poe: The Tell-Tale Project

  20. Recording and slides for "Why users can't find answers in help" presentation to STC Silicon Valley

  21. What to do with old manuals from products you own

  22. My Upcoming Presentation at the STC Silicon Valley Chapter -- "Why Users Can't Find Answers to Their Questions in Help Content"

  23. Learning How to Communicate Visually in Documentation

  24. How to Search Engine Optimize (SEO) Your Help Documentation

  25. Narrative Workflow Topics: Helping Users Connect the Dots Among Topics

  26. Reader Question: How do I create online help, how to guides, quick start tutorials, or video tutorials?

  27. Recommended Article: APIs are delivering on their promise (SD Times: Software Development News)

  28. Creating Good Content Requires Cross-Department Collaboration

  29. Sticking with Obvious Information Versus Creating Information that Users Need

  30. Subheadings: Perhaps the Most Useful Technique in Technical Writing

  31. Examples Are a Primary Way That Complicated Concepts Become Clear

  32. Interactive Poll: Why Can't Users Find Answers to Their Questions in Help?

  33. Why I Test Nearly Everything

  34. When Organizing Big Data Content, It's Okay To Be Messy

  35. 7 Ways to Learn Difficult Subjects in Order to Write Useful Content

  36. Turning Around the Disdain for Help by Focusing on Content

  37. Messages from Sponsors -- July 2013

  38. Sample Chapter from Word Up! How to Write Powerful Sentences and Paragraphs, by Marcia Riefer Johnston

  39. Finding a Starting Point: Answering Questions or Addressing Purpose?

  40. Abandoning the Social Network and Q&A Idea

  41. How do you answer every user's question?

  42. What Have Been My Most Successful Experiences in Connecting Help Material with Users?

  43. Notes from Future of Technical Communication Webinar

  44. Recording of "Video Tutorials for User Assistance" (UA Europe Presentation)

  45. Recording of "Making Content More Findable When Users Browse and Search" (UA Europe Presentation)

  46. Do We Need a New Approach to Help? Why Are Users So Apathetic Towards Help after 50 Years of Innovation?

  47. How Things Will Be in Tech Comm … After the Singularity?

  48. Version 2.0 of I'd Rather Be Writing -- More Community Driven

  49. Structured Authoring By For And Or Nor With In the Web

  50. Reader Question: How Do I Restrict Content by Role in the Same Output?

  51. Exploring Markdown in Collaborative Authoring to Publishing Workflows

  52. Can Help Content Have Recognizable Facets?

  53. Faceted Search and Query Reformulation

  54. On Metadata and Help Content

  55. Moving Beyond the TOC in Organizing Help Content -- Illustrated Edition

  56. What Does Content Re-Use Look Like in a Web CMS?

  57. Is Structured Authoring (like DITA) a Good Fit for Publishing on a Website?

  58. Why Long Topics Are Better for the User

  59. Do Short Topics Make Information More Findable?

  60. Does Merging Support Content with Documentation Increase Findability?

  61. What makes Basketball Fun? Gamifying Exercise

  62. Does DITA Encourage Authors to Fragment Information into a Million Little Pieces?

  63. How Do You Teach New Users Programming?

  64. How Can a Technical Writer Develop a Love of Programming Code?

  65. How Do You Gamify Writing?

  66. Why Do People Rank High on the MindTouch #Techcomm Influencer Report?

  67. Why Does Content Become Disorganized?

  68. Adding Syntax Highlighting to Code Examples Online and in Microsoft Word

  69. Sample Expand and Collapse Code with Twisting Buttons

  70. Evaluating the Usability of Collapsible Sections (or jQuery's Content Toggle)

  71. Avoiding Quadrant Four

  72. How to Organize Page-Level Content

  73. Gamifying Chores

  74. What I Learned in Searching for a Job

  75. Moving to California and Starting a New Job

  76. Two Competing Help Models: One-Stop Shopping or Specialized Stores?

  77. Single Sourcing and Redundancy

  78. How to Get Programmers to Change User Interfaces

  79. Four Less Common Types of Technical Writers Companies Are Looking For

  80. Import DITA Webhelp Output into WordPress

  81. Single Sourcing Screen Captures to Print, Online, and Mobile Using Flare and Capture

  82. Looking at Search Analytics to Improve Help Content

  83. Top 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Technical Writing

  84. Connection Points with the Tech Comm Role

  85. Girl Scouts Painting and Comic Art Badges

  86. Discovering Girl Scouts

  87. Create a Child Theme to Customize a WordPress Theme

  88. Message from Sponsors — January 2013

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