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  1. "The great new tool for writing a book today is a blog ..."

  2. My Blog and Podcast Site Are Now Merged into One -- Steps on How I Did It

  3. Jeter Interviews Mike Hamilton at Former Blue Sky Software Office in La Jolla, Calif.

  4. "Could you please tell me what the job of a technical writer is like?"

  5. Adventures with the New Technical Communication Suite from Adobe (mostly RoboHelp 7 and Captivate)

  6. The Hardest Part About Blogging: Coming Up With Something Interesting to Say

  7. Why People Think Help Is Useless, and How To Change This Thought

  8. Myths of Innovation: Brilliant Ideas Come From Constant Reflection, Not Random Chance

  9. Interesting Technique for Discovering Software Changes and Building Rapport with developers

  10. Reading this post made me want to be a workaholic

  11. A Good Response to "No One Reads the Help Anyway"

  12. Goodbye Podpress, it's time for a new mp3 player

  13. Technical Communication Suite from Adobe -- Interview with RJ Jacquez

  14. Adding a Send Feedback link to Your Online Help / RoboHelp Project

  15. 99% of people who buy iPods don't realize several simple things ...

  16. Show Me Demos and Captivate -- Interview with Kevin Siegel

  17. Sample Integration of Captivate Screen Demos in RoboHelp Hotspots

  18. Free Copies of SnagIt 7 and Camtasia 3

  19. Musicophillia -- The Brain's Unexplainable Affinity for Music

  20. Thoughts on Adobe's New Technical Communication Suite

  21. Embracing the New Vernacular Instead of Pursuing the Holy Grail of Single Sourcing

  22. Special DMN Communications Podcast with Tech Writer Voices (me): Are you Hurting Your Career By Not Blogging or Podcasting?

  23. Top 10 Worst Things SMEs Say or Do -- Interview with Brenda Huettner

  24. IT Author Podcast -- Two Podcasts on Flare, One on the Making of a Technical Writer, and a Dogcast on User Psychology

  25. Online Anonymous Rating Sites: Empowering Individual Voices

  26. Building Online Communities: Interview with Svi Ben-Elya about

  27. Is Podcasting Dead? Jason Van Orden Versus Read/Write Web

  28. MadCap Software Sponsors the Tech Writer Voices Podcast

  29. Brain Waves and the Stimulation of Motivation/Creativity

  30. Three Excellent Podcasts on Networking, Outsourcing, and DITA

  31. Tech Writer: "Someone who writes as opposed to someone who rides something"

  32. WordPress Automatic Upgrade -- Recommended WordPress Plugin

  33. Innovation, Imagination, Creativity -- Google VP of Search Products Tells Story of Gmail

  34. "A self-forgetful, perfectly useless concentration"

  35. Reflections on Allison Reynold's Talk on Job Skills for the Workplace

  36. Getting Excited About the Upcoming STC Summit in Pennsylvania

  37. WordPress Tip: Recommended Plugin: Better Comments Manager

  38. Answering Tough Questions About Wikis -- Interview with Anne Gentle

  39. The Rockley Group Blog Is Here! I have a couple of DITA questions

  40. My TechCraft Article: Should You Sit Near SMEs?

  41. Implementing WordPress 2.3's New Tagging Feature

  42. Counterpoints to "7 Blogging Beginner Mistakes"

  43. LunarPages Sponsors the Tech Writer Voices Podcast

  44. Usability Research Behind Microsoft's Ergonomic Keyboard

  45. New WordPress Plugin Enables One-Click Installation of Plugins and Themes

  46. News Posts versus Thought Posts

  47. Five Skills Every Technical Writer Needs

  48. My STC Intercom article: "Top 5 Podcasts for Technical Communicators"

  49. Why you shouldn't be afraid of offending others and racking up a few penalties

  50. Location is everything when it comes to getting information from SMEs — Carcast

  51. A blog worth adding to your feeds -- and reasons why

  52. My Shared Items from Google Reader

  53. Virtual Ways of Communicating — Char James-Tanny

  54. Recommended Podcast: This American Life's "Devil in Me" -- Explores a strategy for overcoming your inner demons

  55. A Quick Way to Unsubscribe from Feeds in Google Reader

  56. Cool Example of AJAX in a Blog -- Increases Usability

  57. Is technical writing a calling or a job? Recommended DMN Communications podcast

  58. Extracting information from SMEs

  59. Three new resources to check out

  60. My online absence isn't a permanent vacation

  61. Thoughts on the Accumulation of Stuff [Junk]

  62. Closing One Chapter, Opening a New One

  63. Rethinking the Importance of Screenshots, Diagrams, and Other Visuals

  64. Tom is moving to Utah

  65. Gigzig: Shows Where You Were 5 Years Ago and Where You're Headed 5 Years From Now

  66. A Perfect Model for Online Tutorials -- MS Visio Shapes Course

  67. Survey for New USF Tech. Comm. Program -- Would These Courses Create Highly Qualified Tech Writers?

  68. Best Tech Writing Tip Ever: Watch a User Try to Follow Your Instructions

  69. Grasshoppers that Look Like Aliens

  70. Small and Simple Things -- The Best Kind of Goals

  71. Rethinking the Term "Users"

  72. Three Simple Mistakes Non-Technical Writers Make

  73. Thoughts on the Rapidly Changing Pace of Technology

  74. Tips for Avoiding a Sedentary Lifestyle in the Workplace

  75. Four-Wheeling in the Wasatch Front

  76. Resolving Browser Display Discrepancies Between IE and Firefox

  77. If I Had Ten Days to Live ...

  78. The Paradox of White Space: Some Research and Examples of White Space in Web Design

  79. Making Special, Hidden Categories Separate From Your Home Page and Feed

  80. Evening Fishing at the North Pier

  81. Counterargument to the Importance of Categories in Blogs

  82. Switching from Desktop to Online Tools

  83. Accessibility for Blogs? New Audio Feature: Listen to Posts

  84. Nicely Designed WordPress Blog — Simple, Lots of White Space

  85. Converting Your WordPress Blog into a CMS (Content Management System)

  86. David Pogue's Review of the iPhone -- Engaging Videocast Worth Watching

  87. Economic Prosperity Tied to Openness and Tolerance, says Richard Florida; Also, Thoughts on Inclusive, Distributed Leadership

  88. Search Engine Optimization for Your Blog: Three Easy Techniques, and also Drawbacks to SEO

  89. Wikis in Documentation: Ann Gentle Asks, Can Wikis Stand Alone, or Must They Be Supplements?

  90. Information Architecture: Organizing Chaos, Metadata, Taxonomy vs. Folksonomy, and the Dublin Core

  91. Lucy Smiles for the Camera -- Funny Photo

  92. Context-Sensitive Help -- An Easy Method Using Javascript

  93. POPURLS -- Consolidated News Aggregation From Digg,, Reddit, Tailrank, Newsvine, and 20 Other Sites

  94. Special Father's Day Post: Description of My Dad

  95. Google Reader's Shared Items Feature -- Allows You to Easily Share Selected Posts from Your Feeds

  96. PostSecret -- a Postcard Confession Site, Fathers Theme

  97. Survey Results of My Blog's Readership and My Accompanying Analysis

  98. TechCrunch Founder Interview on iinnovate -- Arrington Talks About How Blogging Is a Treadmill

  99. Intro to Information Architecture -- Reflections on the Different Roles We Can Play

  100. My Podcast Picks

  101. Installing Mediawiki Is Much Easier Than The Instructions Suggest -- My Quick 10 Step Tutorial for Installing Mediawiki

  102. Madcap Flare Spotlight -- "Six Persistent Flare Problems" Post by Paul Pehrson

  103. A New Approach: Tech Comm News

  104. Google Master Plan Video -- Speculations on the Hidden Purposes Behind Google's Information Collection

  105. Everything Is Miscellaneous -- The Problem with Classifying Information

  106. Writing Style to Keep in Mind for Blog Posts -- Be Clearer Than Usual, State Main Point Up Front

  107. Punishing by Rewards -- Motivational Techniques That Don't Work

  108. Leadership Lesson: After Building Some Trust, Make Direct Invitations

  109. How Information Travels in the Blogosphere -- a funny anecdote

  110. Making of the Oxford English Dictionary -- Recommended Podcast

  111. How to Record Conference Calls -- Answering Reader's Question

  112. Lip Dub Video Clip Captures Essence of the Web -- Spontaneity, Authenticity, Participation, Fun

  113. Vista Help Emphasizes Concepts in Effort to Create Power Users

  114. Who are you? A one-question survey to identify my readers

  115. How Scoble Reads 622 RSS Feeds -- Thoughts and Reactions

  116. Installing Multiple Versions of WordPress on the Same Account, But Masking Them to Appear as Different Domains

  117. Vista and Office 2007: Presentation by David McNamee from Microsoft

  118. Google Maps Offers Mind-Blowing Street View -- It's Like Walking Around Virtually in a City

  119. Alan Houser Starts a Blog -- Check Out the Group Wellesley Wire

  120. The Return of the Newsletter — How to Keep the Newsletter Concept Without the Work

  121. How to Break into Technical Writing

  122. The Death of Associations -- Declining STC Statistics Prompt Innovation, Realigning of Value

  123. Usability Tip from Ricecooker Critiques Podcast -- Print the Documentation on the Product

  124. Former HP CEO Talks About Corporate America and Why Constant Innovation Drives Success

  125. WordPress 2.2 -- Here's Why It's Worth the Upgrade

  126. Be Careful When Upgrading to WordPress 2.2 If You Have the WP-Cache Plugin — Adventures in Backing Up and Restoring WordPress Databases

  127. My Podcasting Method for Face-to-Face Interviews

  128. Podcasting at the STC Conference: Reasons, Methods, and Reflections

  129. STC Conference: Jack Molisani on Trends in Technical Communication

  130. STC Conference: Geoff Sauer on, the Largest Tech Comm Index Online

  131. STC Conference: Rob Houser on Creating Nontraditional E-Learning

  132. STC Conference: Scott Abel on Web 2.0

  133. STC Conference: Ann Rockley on the Rockley Group Blog and a New CMS Report

  134. STC Conference: Chris Thompson on Searching for a Content Management System

  135. STC Conference: Caroline Jarrett on User Interface Design

  136. STC Conference: Whitney Quesenbery on the Five E's of Usability

  137. STC Conference: Harry Miller on Multimedia Documentation

  138. STC Conference: Stephanie Bryant on Videoblogging

  139. STC Conference: Mike Brazill on Writing for Developers

  140. STC Conference: John Daigle on RoboHelp 7

  141. STC Conference: Debbie Kennedy on Modular Writing and Reusability

  142. STC Conference: Joan Lasselle on Adopting Content Management

  143. STC Conference: Cindy Skawinski on Activity Diagrams (Uniform Modeling Language Artifacts)

  144. STC Conference: Adrienne Escoe on Recruiting

  145. STC Conference: Teresa Lipus, Snake River chapter, Southern Idaho and Eastern Oregon

  146. STC Conference: Deanne Levander, Twin Cities, Minnesota Chapter, and John Garison, Vermont

  147. STC Conference: Laurel Bowen, Oakridge Tennessee Chapter

  148. STC Conference: Brad Simmons, Ames, Iowa

  149. STC Conference: Michael Gernes, Central Iowa STC Community

  150. Leadership Day: Jackie Damrau, Dallas, Texas, and Rachel Houghton, Willamette Valley, Oregon

  151. Leadership Day: Jeanette Rogers, Seattle, Instructional Design & Learning SIG

  152. Leadership Day: Lorrie Corbett, Philadelphia Metro Chapter

  153. Leadership Day: Hillary Hart, Austin Chapter

  154. Leadership Day: Todd Race, Toronto chapter, Canadian Issues Group

  155. Leadership Day: Dan Dornbrook, Chicago Chapter

  156. Leadership Day: Melanie G. Flanders, China; Beau Cain, Director 8

  157. Leadership Day: Paul Sinasohn, Berkeley Chapter, California

  158. Leadership Day: Holly Harkness, Al Hood, and Howard Speck — Atlanta Chapter

  159. Leadership Day: Rhevati Sampath and Wendy Tung, Berkeley Chapter, California

  160. Leadership Day: Kelly Schrank & Lou Martindale — Mid-South Chapter in Memphis and Suncoast Chapter in Tampa

  161. Leadership Day: Sue Kloster, Willamette Valley Chapter, Oregon

  162. Three Things to Avoid When Doing Face-to-Face Podcast Interviews

  163. Blog Carnivals and my 'Makes-Me-Smile Monday' Post

  164. On My Way to the STC conference in Minneapolis

  165. Graduating Kindergartener Asks Difficult Interview Questions

  166. Creating Help in the Web 2.0 Age — Presentation by Neil Perlin

  167. STC Atlanta Launches Podcast — Michelle Schoen Is Atlanta's Resident Podcaster

  168. Wikis in Action — The Top 57 Wikis by Rank

  169. Special Announcements: Add your blog to wiki, and also support Tech Writer Voices

  170. Presentation on Writing and Web 2.0 by Keith Hoffman — Given at the University of Wisconsin

  171. Wikis Are Coming: An In-Depth Exploration of Using Wikis in Documentation — Interview with Katriel Reichman (Israel)

  172. Setting Up a Wiki in a Few Minutes — Installing Dokuwiki

  173. Help Support Tech Writer Voices — Consider this Our Spring Membership Campaign

  174. Calling All Tech Writing Bloggers: List Your Blog in the New Tech Writing Blog Directory Wiki

  175. Neil Perlin Enters Blogosphere and Gives Away Free Flare Stylesheets

  176. Advertise on the Podcast

  177. Google 411 -- Free Information Listings via Phone

  178. Perfect Explanation of RSS -- Engaging Video Tutorial

  179. A Few Conversations at Doc Train — User Personas, Data Conversion, and Simplified Technical English

  180. My First Carcast: Driving Home from Vancouver After the Doc Train Conference

  181. Free Conference Call Recording/Podcasting Service at

  182. Managing Virtual Teams: Getting the Most from Wikis, Blogs, and Other Collaborative Tools — Interview with the authors

  183. How Blogs Dominate Google — One Highly-Linked-To Blog Can Rule the World

  184. Jott—a Free Voicemail to Transcribed Text Memo Service

  185. Podcast Downloads Report -- About 8,500 downloads so far

  186. Interview with George Hayhoe, editor of Technical Communication Journal, on Technical Writing in China and Korea

  187. Podcast Site Redesign -- I'm Now Using the Leia Theme

  188. If you missed my presentation, here it is online (delivered through WordPress)

  189. Where I'm Going, My Aspirations -- Everything Seems to Align with Web 2.0

  190. More Topics

  191. Basic Tutorial

  192. WordPress as a CMS

  193. Different Uses of WordPress

  194. Why Blog?

  195. Twenty Ways to Make Your Blog More Usable: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at WordPress

  196. Blog Usability Checklist

  197. Glamorous Careers Turn Out to Be Boring--This American Life Podcast

  198. WordPress Plugins: Take Your Blog's Functionality To a New Level

  199. Going to Vancouver on Tuesday for Doc Train Conference!

  200. New Theme Viewer: 39 WordPress Themes I Like

  201. WordPress Themes Crash Course: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started with Themes

  202. Unraveling the Geologic Stratum of the Blogosphere: Why We Blog

  203. RockYou—Create Dynamic Slideshows with Music for Your Site

  204. On Writing Better: Tips from a South by Southwest Panel

  205. Twenty Usability Tips for Your Blog — Condensed from Dozens of Bloggers' Experiences

  206. Defining Experiences: Five STC Candidates Share Influential Stories from the Tech Comm Field

  207. Making Help More Human, and other discussions

  208. Former MySpace Exec. Explains How Experience Can Be an Impediment to Success

  209. A Case for Corporate Transparency: How Channel 9 Changed Microsoft from the Darth Vader of Tech to Downright Visionary

  210. STC Candidates: Submit a Story about a Defining Moment in Your Career

  211. Answering Reader's Question: Can you give me a little information about the blogging section of your Web site?

  212. Susan Burton Provides an Inside, In-Depth Look at STC's Most Pressing Issues

  213. Google CEO's Advice for People Entering a Technology Career: Stay Engaged, Keep Learning and Trying Things

  214. How to Subscribe to RSS Feeds with Internet Explorer 7

  215. Single Sourcing Wiki Tools for the Enterprise — Traction TeamPage5?

  216. MySQL CEO Says, "It is dangerous to hire someobody who has too much experience."

  217. WordPress vs. Movable Type: The Advantages of Open Source and What It Means for Technical Writers

  218. Special STC Elections Podcast: Interview with Nicky Bleiel, Candidate for Director

  219. Broken Days and Perfect Days

  220. Yahoo Pipes and the Mashed Up World of Aggregated, Filtered, Blended Information

  221. Three New Features for this Blog: a Post Index, Inbound Links Display, and Public Web Stats

  222. Finding Work You Love Vs. Loving the Work You Find

  223. Florida Competition Winner Explains Principle of Success: Brevity

  224. Corporate Blogging: Five Rules for Success in the Blogosophere

  225. Answering Reader's Questions: How To Keep Up with Work/Family Balance, and Which Tools to Use

  226. WritersUA Publishes 2007 Salary Survey; 73k Is Average

  227. Sierra Says Help Needs to Be Human, Conversational, and Geared Towards Panicky Users

  228. Special STC Election podcast: Call for Participants

  229. Dan Rather Podcast from South by Southwest: "Journalism needs a spine transplant; it has lost its guts"

  230. Is Technical Writing Boring? Tech Writers as Information Architects

  231. TECHWR-L and Technical Editing SIG Implement Drupal and WordPress

  232. The Evolutionary Strategy of Web 2.0 — It's Like Having 100 Personal Researchers Working For You

  233. Embedding an Audio Player into Your Site Without WordPress

  234. Nine Lessons for Would-be Bloggers -- Great Advice from Josh Porter on Overcoming Blogging Hangups

  235. Microformats and the Semantic Web

  236. Second Life: A 3-D Space for Virtual Meetups and Instruction?

  237. Wikinomics: Combining Wikis with Economics; the More You Share, the More You Win

  238. Librivox: Open Source Audio Books; You Contribute Your Own Readings

  239. Online Communities, Member Maps, Virtual Chats, Sparkpeople, Intercom, and More

  240. Plagiarism and Cannibalism Both Natural and Necessary, say Writers and Musicians

  241. Creating Passionate Users Explains How to Make the Best User Manual Ever

  242. Starting Your Own Blog: Tips for Non-profits

  243. Free Podcasts at Open Culture: Informational Podcasts on Almost Everything

  244. Looking at the Past; Exploring Directions for the Future

  245. Number One Issue for Technical Writers Today: Keeping Pace with Rapidly Evolving Technology

  246. Chapter Chat Results: It Went Well, But Only 4 Participated

  247. OPML Files — What Feeds Are You Following?

  248. Design good websites by following principles of technical writing style

  249. Examples of companies integrating podcasts into their mix of technical communication deliverables?

  250. 37 Signals, To Do Lists — Printable To Do Lists To Get Organized

  251. My First Virtual Administrative Meeting

  252. "I don't have time to listen to podcasts..."

  253. Review of Word 2007, Tool vs. Industry Experience, the Slow Movement, E-mail Tips, and More

  254. Grammar Girl Podcast — Some Thoughts on Grammar as a Topic for a Podcast

  255. Spinvox: The Next Killer App. for Cell Phones

  256. Integrating Google Adsense into this Blog

  257. Never Listen to Voicemail via Cell Phone Again — & Spinvox Deliver Voicemail to Email for Free

  258. Suncoast Member Map Finished

  259. Guy Kawasaki's Impossible Burden: After Blog and E-mail, There's No Time to Write the Book

  260. Matt Mullenweg Explains Genius of Akismet and Appeal of Fast Development Cycles

  261. Eric Schwartzman Talks About Integrating Podcasts into the Marketing Mix

  262. Virtual Meetings? Chat Feature

  263. Blogging for Your Future Employer

  264. Are Newsletters Dead?

  265. WordPress Easter Egg Defies Logic by Removing Styles

  266. Boagworld Shares Advice on Podcasting

  267. Ze Frank's Show — STC Speaker in Minneapolis Conference

  268. Doug Davis on the Job Side of Technical Writing — Location, Industry Experience, and Salary

  269. Two more surveys — Innovations and WritersUSA

  270. Podcast Revenue Idea: Provide 20 second Job Listing Spots in Place of Ads

  271. Reflections on the First Cohost Podcast

  272. First Cohost Podcast — A Natural Conversation about Technical Writing

  273. Is technical writing boring?

  274. DMN Comm. Podcast Gives Thumbs Down on RoboHelp; But More Interesting Is Shift in Style

  275. 10 Ways to Make Your Blog More Appealing

  276. Take Clyde's Blogging Survey

  277. Tech Writer Voices Switching to Co-Host Style

  278. Writing Blog Posts by E-mail

  279. Forrester Podcast Recommended — Web 2.0 Is About Building Relationships

  280. Making a Chapter Member Map Mashup with Google Maps

  281. 10 Reasons Not to Upgrade to Robohelp 6

  282. Podcasting Reader's Comments — The Pilotless Drone

  283. Video on SharePoint 2007 Wiki, Blog, and RSS Functionality from Microsoft's Channel 9

  284. Getting Started with WordPress — Video Tutorial on Installation

  285. RoboHelp to Wiki Conversion Tool

  286. Installing WordPress -- a Quick Video Tutorial

  287. Discussion about RoboHelp 6 — Interview with Rick Stone

  288. Using Wikis as Project Documentation Tools

  289. Recommended Podcast: 43 Folders on Kung Fu, Meditation, and Sex

  290. Blogs that Lose Direction and Go from Blog to Blah?

  291. Survey Gizmo: The best tool/thing I have used/done

  292. Are We Moving Toward GooOS, the Google Operating System?

  293. User Paradox with Not Reading User Manuals

  294. Using Ajax Shelf to Help Users Find Pages on Suncoast Site

  295. 10 pet peeves of technical writing

  296. Tips from the Frederator: Pursue Life's Passion Online, and Blog Often, Short, and with Pics

  297. Adobe Enters Blogosphere

  298. Adobe Seminar -- Nice Connection and Demo, But Questions Seemed Filtered

  299. Dealing with the Documentation Aspects of Bad Software -- My Response to the Latest DMN Communications Podcast

  300. Wordpress 2.1 Review

  301. Allure of New Media Requires Strict Bedtime Control or Else Sleep Deprivation Will Set In

  302. The Curse of Knowledge -- The More You Know, the Worse You Become At Communicating That Knowledge

  303. Recommended Podcast: Boagworld > Community Websites, by Paul Boag

  304. How to Create a Site Where Users Can Actually Find Information — Interview with Thom Haller

  305. Latest Podcast Is Posted on Tech Writer Voices

  306. WordPress 2.1 Released -- This is a major release

  307. Survey on Blogging -- Darren Barefoot

  308. Applying Web 2.0 to Podcasting

  309. Trying to Create Tech Writer Voices Logo

  310. Technorati Blogosphere Report -- 1.3 million new posts per day, so what are people writing about?

  311. Reading Blogs versus Reading Traditional Print Media

  312. RoboHelp 6 Not Compatible with Word 2007

  313. Preview Images of Link Destinations with Snap

  314. Create RSS Feeds From Any Site With Ponyfish

  315. Ten Tips for Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

  316. WordPress = Bliss: The Joy of Customization

  317. RoboHelp 6 launched — List of New Features

  318. Web Developer Firefox Extension Makes CSS Editing Easy

  319. Ten Lessons Learned as a Technical Communicator — Interview with Rahul Prabhakar

  320. Patience Thresholds for Technology

  321. Listening to Podcasts Without Dedicating Any Time for Them

  322. Why Software Sucks, by David Platt

  323. Read a Book by E-mail, a Little Each Day with Daily Lit

  324. Recording your chapter presentations

  325. Dynamic Help in Visual Studio .NET

  326. Podcasting article in STC Intercom magazine

  327. Inexpensive Screencast Software: Blueberry Flashback Express Recorder

  328. Talkr service converts text-only blogs into podcasts

  329. Google Talk

  330. Mike Hamilton Gives Flare Demo to the Suncoast Chapter

  331. WIFM and Blogging

  332. The Concept of Trackbacks

  333. Year in Review -- "You" Chosen as Most Important Person

  334. The Convergence of Web 2.0 with Help Documentation — Tom Johnson

  335. Help 2.0: The Convergence of Help with Web 2.0

  336. Rating Feature Now Available

  337. WordPress Shopping Carts

  338. Understanding Principles of Usability, Part 2 — Karen Bachmann

  339. New Look and New Approach to Blog/Podcast

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