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Podcasting article in STC Intercom magazine

by Tom Johnson on Jan 9, 2007
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My article on podcasting appeared in the Intercom today. I encourage you to check it out.


Follow this link to the article. Unfortunately, the site is password-protected. However, the Podcasting 101 podcast on Tech Writer Voices is essentially the same thing, but in podcast form.

A year ago, no one at my work had an iPod. Today, of the 11 department members, about 7 have iPods. The term "iPod" in place of mp3 player is pervasive. I actually have an iRiver, but people usually still refer to it as an iPod.

My wife has really caught the spirit of blogging and has completely updated our family scrapbook blog. Avery has actually recorded several podcasts on our family blog! It's fun to have her podcast. I have a subscribe button at the top -- mostly just my family is subscribed, but when we post something new, they receive an email.

Our friends are starting to blog too, and it's really catching on. They mostly use Blogger, which I initially objected to, but to be honest, if you're just keeping a personal journal, Blogger is fine, especially with their recent upgrade. It's only when you want to tweak the code and really customize your look, feel, and functionality that you should go with WordPress.

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