1. Part VI: Results from the survey correlating org models and tech writer value

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  6. Part VI: Conclusion, analysis, and feedback

  7. Part V: On being strategic, interpersonal, and sponsored

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  9. Part III: Correlating organization models with low value estimations

  10. Part II: Personal layoff stories and reasons

  11. Part I: Introduction and background

  12. Developer portal strategies for complex landscapes -- conversation with Kristof van Tomme

  13. What makes a good covid sign?

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  24. Connecting micro content with search analytics -- notes on the first MadCap Flare and MadCap Central 2020 Release

  25. A user manual for your death?

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  35. Life on reset -- new dynamics emerging

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  37. How life has changed with the pandemic

  38. Webinar recording: How Trends in API Documentation Differ from other Tech Comm Trends

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  46. *How* you write influences *what* you write — interpreting trends through movements from PDF to web, DITA, wikis, CCMSs, and docs-as-code

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