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Podcast: How Paligo is filling a niche in the CCMS market for complex documentation, with Anders Svensson

by Tom Johnson on Mar 9, 2020 •
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I recently chatted with Anders Svensson about how Paligo, a cloud-based CCMS, is filling a niche in the CCMS market for complex documentation needs. Complex documentation refers to documentation with multiple product variants, versions, languages, audiences, and more. In these scenarios, content re-use and scalability become more challenging. Paligo is filling a need for documentation teams that have grown beyond their help authoring tools and need the more robust support that a component content management system (CCMS) offers but without the price tag and implementation timeline.

Listen to the podcast

Questions/topics covered

Some topics covered during the podcast include the following:

  • What niche is Paligo filling with its cloud-based CCMS platform?
  • What is a CCMS and when might a doc team need one?
  • What constitutes complex documentation?
  • Why is content re-use important in complex documentation scenarios?
  • How can you re-use content between a support KB site like Zendesk and Paligo?
  • How hard would it be to migrate a docs-as-code setup into Paligo?
  • How can I integrate an OpenAPI specification into Paligo?
  • How does faceted filtering work in Paligo’s Algolia search integration?
  • Why is Docbook more accommodating to different content authoring scenarios than DITA?
  • Why did Paligo decide to implement two-factor security authorization?
  • What kind of collaboration features does Paligo provide?


Also see this post I wrote about Paligo back in 2016: The Story of Paligo: A new browser-based CCMS with all the features you’d ever want.

Note that Paligo is one of the sponsors of my site.

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