1. My Commute Seattle Spotlight

  2. One month in without a smartphone -- growing doubts about the value of technology in general

  3. More developments on my journey away from smartphones — a sudden interest in classical music?

  4. Review of Peter Norton's Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving

  5. First experiences in moving away from smartphones

  6. My initial rules and reasons for intentional smart phone use

  7. My awakening moment about how smartphones fragment our attention span

  8. Docs as Code (Trends to follow or forget)

  9. Inline ads -- updated advertising offerings

  10. Keynote presentation to STC India 2022 (Trends to follow or forget)

  11. Remote work (Trends to follow or forget)

  12. Git and GitHub (Trends to follow or forget)

  13. API documentation (Trends to follow or forget)

  14. Every page is page one (Trends to follow or forget)

  15. Marcom and tech comm (Trends to follow or forget)

  16. Scrum (Trends to follow or forget)

  17. Let's Talk Docs podcast -- episode on measuring API documentation quality

  18. The History of Content -- Content Components podcast with Patrick Bosek and Sarah O'Keefe

  19. Preparing for technical writing jobs and interviews -- posts from Aaron Redshaw

  20. Content strategy (Trends to follow or forget)

  21. DITA (Trends to follow or forget)

  22. WordPress and web CMSs (Trends to follow or forget)

  23. Quick reference guides (Trends to follow or forget)

  24. Screencasting (Trends to follow or forget)

  25. Faceted filtering (Trends to follow or forget)

  26. Wikis and crowdsourcing (Trends to follow or forget)

  27. Help authoring tools (HATs) and single-sourcing (Trends to follow or forget)

  28. Intro to the series: Trends to follow or forget

  29. [Podcast] Become a technical writer: conversation with Bobby Kennedy about the technical writing courses he offers

  30. My multimodal commuting strategies

  31. Archbee product review -- first look at a new online platform for writing and managing documentation

  32. Part 6: The newsletter as the social content of corporations

  33. MEGAComm recording: How to increase awareness of tech comm inside corporate walls

  34. Updated Metrics and Measurement section in API course to remove scoring aspect

  35. Results of the survey about fizzled trends: Every trend is still with us

  36. Survey about documentation trends that fizzled (one-minute survey)

  37. Webinar recording of 'Using MadCap Flare to Generate API Documentation'

  38. Part 5: More specifics about finding a focus

  39. Part 4: Creating engaging content: A balance of interests

  40. Part 3: Five basics for building an audience on the web

  41. Part 2: Initial attempts and failures with workplace content

  42. Part 1: Introduction to influence on the web

  43. Themes from 2021: working from home and podcasting

  44. Site analytics for 2021 -- a few observations and reflections

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