1. Book review: May I Ask a Technical Question, by Jeff Krinock and Matt Hoff

  2. Thoughts on ChatGPT after reading Crawford's Why We Drive: whatever skill you outsource, atrophies

  3. Having fun with ChatGPT

  4. What the Default Mode Network (DMN) and Task Positive Network (TPN) modes of the brain teach us about focus

  5. Two examples where high-level overviews are essential: Macbeth and Elon Musk

  6. Pulling readers through long documents

  7. Stoplight tutorial update -- practically every screenshot updated

  8. Podcast about Archbee -- a new documentation tool with a block-based editor, API publishing capability, content re-use, and more

  9. From monkey mind to calm, ordered consciousness -- even outside of flow? Wrestling with Csikszentmihalyi's assumptions about psychic entropy

  10. Applying Csikszentmihalyi's psychology of flow to the writing of technical documentation

  11. How to move from focus sessions to flow sessions

  12. Attempting to write a Life of a [something] narrative

  13. 'Putting together things': Articulating a thesis about the effects of hyper-specialization on documentation

  14. Techniques for deep work from Cal Newport

  15. Expanding from cross-product newsletters to a book club and site

  16. Some advice if you're just starting out your technical writing career

  17. Systems thinking: Limits to Growth, Complex Cause and Effect, and Shifting the Burden

  18. From smartphones to Netflix: moving past plateaus in growth

  19. Driving without GPS — the desire to be free and in control

  20. Spatial and scientific reasoning from wayfinding

  21. Wayfinding requires you to be present in the world

  22. Wayfinding -- finding my way without GPS

  23. Systems thinking and developer portals

  24. Random notes on recovering the lost art of reading

  25. Blobr API portal (API doc topic)

  26. The impact of technical diversity on documentation -- epiphanies on a trip to IKEA

  27. Technical diversity/pluralism/fragmentation in tech comm

  28. Six weeks in -- returning to smartphone (but not as before)

  29. Review of What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains: The Shallows, by Nicholas Carr

  30. My Commute Seattle Spotlight

  31. One month in without a smartphone -- growing doubts about the value of technology in general

  32. More developments on my journey away from smartphones — a sudden interest in classical music?

  33. Review of Peter Norton's Autonorama: The Illusory Promise of High-Tech Driving

  34. First experiences in moving away from smartphones

  35. My initial rules and reasons for intentional smartphone use

  36. My awakening moment about how smartphones fragment our attention span

  37. Docs as Code

  38. Inline ads -- updated advertising offerings

  39. Keynote presentation to STC India 2022

  40. Remote work

  41. Git and GitHub

  42. API documentation

  43. Every page is page one

  44. Marcom and tech comm

  45. Scrum

  46. Let's Talk Docs podcast -- episode on measuring API documentation quality

  47. The History of Content -- Content Components podcast with Patrick Bosek and Sarah O'Keefe

  48. Preparing for technical writing jobs and interviews -- posts from Aaron Redshaw

  49. Content strategy

  50. DITA

  51. WordPress and web CMSs

  52. Quick reference guides

  53. Screencasting

  54. Faceted filtering

  55. Wikis and crowdsourcing

  56. Help authoring tools (HATs) and single-sourcing

  57. Intro to the series: Trends to follow or forget

  58. [Podcast] Become a technical writer: conversation with Bobby Kennedy about the technical writing courses he offers

  59. My multimodal commuting strategies

  60. Archbee product review -- first look at a new online platform for writing and managing documentation

  61. Part 6: The newsletter as the social content of corporations

  62. MEGAComm recording: How to increase awareness of tech comm inside corporate walls

  63. Updated Metrics and Measurement section in API course to remove scoring aspect

  64. Results of the survey about fizzled trends: Every trend is still with us

  65. Survey about documentation trends that fizzled (one-minute survey)

  66. Webinar recording of 'Using MadCap Flare to Generate API Documentation'

  67. Part 5: More specifics about finding a focus

  68. Part 4: Creating engaging content: A balance of interests

  69. Part 3: Five basics for building an audience on the web

  70. Part 2: Initial attempts and failures with workplace content

  71. Part 1: Introduction to influence on the web

  72. Themes from 2021: working from home and podcasting

  73. Site analytics for 2021 -- a few observations and reflections

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