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Survey about documentation trends that fizzled (one-minute survey)

Series: Trends to follow or forget

by Tom Johnson on Feb 2, 2022
categories: technical-writing innovation

In preparation for a presentation on trends that fizzled or faded, I launched this short survey to get some help in identifying fizzled trends. The survey is still open (so feel free to take it), but I'm not longer actively monitoring the results. The survey is here. The survey has you rank the trends using sliders.

You can view the survey results dashboard here. (See the next post in the series for my analysis of the survey results.)

I left this survey in this series because it provides context and rationale for the direction I took. Rather than making assertions about trends across the industry, in this series I look at trends that I embraced or rejected within my own career.

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Continue to the next post in this series: Results of the survey about fizzled trends: Every trend is still with us.

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