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Keynote presentation to STC India 2022

Series: Trends to follow or forget

by Tom Johnson on Mar 26, 2022
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This post is part of a series that explores tech comm trends that I've either followed or forgotten, and why. The overall goal is to better understand the reasons that drive trend adoption or abandonment in my personal career. This post contains a keynote presentation I gave to STC India on March 26, 2022.

Video recording

Presentation description

I recently gave a keynote presentation at the 23rd STC India Annual Conference, whose theme this year was “Evolve.” You can view my presentation here on the STC site (given March 26, 2022). Here’s the presentation’s description:

Trends to follow or forget

When we focus on trends, we often look at the present and how current trends might affect our tech comm work. But we can also look in the opposite direction: at trends that faded or fizzled and ask why. Looking at trends that faded, especially the reasons why, might help us better evaluate current trends. In this presentation, I’ll look at a number of tech comm trends that I’ve either followed or abandoned over the years, and why they failed for me.

Sometimes the trends were superseded by better technologies, but other times they fizzled due to other reasons. Note that my tour through these trends focuses on personal reasons for following or forgetting trends rather than making objective assertions about mass-scale adoption or rejection across the industry.


Trends to follow or forget - STC India 2022 presentation

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If you just want the audio, here it is.

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