1. Tutorial on converting an HTML site into a Jekyll theme

  2. Following instructions involves learning a new language -- adventures with Tinker Crate projects

  3. Write the Docs Podcast app now on Fire TV, and the importance of testing your docs with sample apps

  4. Amazon begins pilot with voice-interactive user manuals

  5. Tutorials versus docs -- why you need both

  6. Moved my API doc site into separate repo

  7. Simplifying my life and writing

  8. Guest post -- The effects of terminology consistency on the reader's comprehension and attitude

  9. Crowdsourcing docs with docs-as-code tools -- same result as with wikis?

  10. Write the Docs Podcast Episode 4 -- Continuous Integration and Docs as Code

  11. Adobe FrameMaker 2017 -- time, tools, and the tech writer’s focus on content

  12. Upcoming 2017 Write the Docs Conference in Portland

  13. Guest Post -- MadCap Central: A Review for Companies Delivering Technical Communication Services

  14. How do you learn what you need to learn to be successful as a technical writer?

  15. Guest post: Design choices for organizing API reference content with other documentation

  16. Recording of User-Centered Design Principles for Organizing Documentation

  17. Write the Docs Podcast #3 - Trends for 2017

  18. Technical Writing Trends and Predictions for 2017

  19. Simplified Technical English and HyperSTE

  20. Recording: Modern Technical Writing, by Andrew Etter (STC Silicon Valley chapter)

  21. Recording: Writing tech docs like a hacker with Jekyll

  22. My top 3 posts of 2016 are all Swagger-related -- lessons learned from 2016 analytics

  23. Swagger presentation recording -- Harnessing the Chi of Swagger in your REST API documentation

  24. FrameMaker and the mobile web: Evaluating Adobe FrameMaker's responsive HTML5 output

  25. MadCap Central -- a first look at MadCap’s new cloud-based collaboration and publishing solution

  26. How much code do you need to know to create API developer documentation?

  27. Attend my upcoming TC Dojo presentation on Swagger on Jan 9, 2017

  28. TC Camp in Santa Clara to be held Jan 21, 2017

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