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TC Camp in Santa Clara to be held Jan 21, 2017

by Tom Johnson on Jan 6, 2017 •
categories: beginners

TC Camp is holding its annual free unconference for Tech Comm on Jan. 21 in Santa Clara. TC Camp starts with morning workshops given by experts in the field for a nominal fee. The unconference follows, where attendees vote on the topics to be discussed. It's a great event for networking and exchanging ideas, and I'll definitely be there.

The TC Camp Unconference is one of my favorite conferences for a number of reasons:

  • The sessions are user-led
  • The audience consists mainly of Bay area tech writers
  • It’s free and just 2 miles from my house

To learn more TC Camp, see the previous interview I did with Liz Fraley: Why is the TC Camp Unconference format so popular? Interview with Liz Fraley, TC Camp Founder

Before the unconference, several morning workshops are held (for minimal fees). Additionally, the day before the conference, on January 20, Peter Gruenbaum, president of SDK Bridge and author of four online courses on writing API documentation on Udemy, each of which I have reviewed on this site (1, 2, 3, 4), will be giving a full-day API workshop. This workshop is a great opportunity to learn API documentation from a guru in the field.

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