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Peter Gruenbaum has released part 2 of his Udemy course on API technical writing

by Tom Johnson on Jul 24, 2015
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If you want to learn how to document REST APIs, consider taking Peter Gruenbaum's courses on Udemy. He recently released part 2 of his REST API tech writing course. Part 2 gets into the meat of writing reference documentation for REST APIs.

Part 2 is now available

Peter Gruenbaum has released part 2 of his Udemy course on API technical writing. Whereas part 1 focused mostly on requests and responses from REST APIs, part 2 gets into a lot more detail with REST APIs and provides more depth. (Part 2 felt more substantial to me than part 1, but it depends your familiarity with JSON and XML.)

Peter Gruenbaum's Udemy course on REST API technical writing part 2
This is part 2 of Peter Gruenbaum's course on REST API doc on Udemy

In part 2, Peter dives into headers, authorization, methods, query parameters, and other aspects of REST API documentation. He explores various APIs (including the NPR API), walks you through Swagger’s PetStore API, and gives you a reference template for covering each aspect of REST API doc. The course consists of videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises. It takes about 2 hours to complete the course.

Course discount

If you want to take the course at a discount, use the code idrather or click this link.

Keeping things simple

Peter’s approach is to keep things simple. He doesn’t assume that you have a programming background, and he avoids getting mired into tool details. By having you go through exercises that use tables in a word-processing application, he keeps the focus on the content instead of the tool. That’s probably a good approach to avoid distraction into the tool side of API doc publishing.

In this course, Peter does actually dive into oAuth authorization, and the technical detail gets more advanced. But he does a good job at communicating the basic concepts you need to know.

Overall, I highly recommend taking Peter’s course. The instruction about REST APIs geared towards technical writers is unparalleled. Check it out: Learn API Technical Writing 2: REST for Writers

For a review of review of Part 1 of Peter’s course, see my previous post, API technical writing course on Udemy from Peter Gruenbaum, and some thoughts on documenting JSON.

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