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  1. Links from around the web -- June 10, 2024

  2. [Podcast] Uncovering and communicating the value of your tech comm teams' work, with Keren Brown

  3. [Prompt engineering series] Using file diffs for better release notes in reference docs

  4. Updates two years later on my smartphone experiment

  5. Thoughts on Docs as code being a broken promise

  6. Get Better at Using Prompts With Deliberate Practice: One technical writer's little experiment — guest post by Diana Cheung

  7. Prompt engineering series: Creating scripts to automate doc build processes

  8. What should your documentation metrics look like? Q&A with Zoomin about their 2024 Technical Content Benchmark Report

  9. AI is accelerating my technical writing output, and other observations

  10. Upcoming conference: AI the API docs

  11. Prompt engineering series: Gathering source input

  12. Prompt engineering series: Error checking the output

  13. Integrating AI with your content delivery platform and documentation: Zoomin Q&A with Keren Brown

  14. Showcasing your API technical writer portfolio and projects — guest post by Peter Gustafson

  15. Prompt engineering series: Reverse engineering the recipe for excellent documentation

  16. Prompt engineering series: Populating documentation templates using AI

  17. Prompt engineering: Task decomposition and complex tree diagrams

  18. Prompt engineering: Creating high-fidelity, thematically organized notes from engineering meetings using AI

  19. Visualizing APIs with tree diagrams, partly generated with AI

  20. Walking and chatting with ChatGPT

  21. Moved AI pages into their own collection and space

  22. Coffee Chat recording: Ask Me Anything about Managing API documentation projects

  23. Evaluating my 2023 site analytics -- why did my traffic drop?

  24. [Podcast] Breaking ground: New API documentation course at UW, with Bob Watson

  25. My 2024 technical writing trends and predictions

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