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Moved AI pages into their own collection and space

by Tom Johnson on Jan 20, 2024
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I recently moved the AI section from my API course into their own dedicated collection and space at /ai. I moved these AI pages into their space for one main reason: I anticipate writing a lot more about AI, and this content was outgrowing its chapter in the API documentation course.

The API documentation course is already more than 900 pages when printed as a PDF, and I didn’t want to expand the PDF beyond this already length. By putting the AI content into its own space, it will be easier for readers to find and navigate the content. The highest interest right now for many tech writers is to understand how to apply AI to documentation techniques, workflows, and processes.

AI section for content
I moved the AI content into its own section and added links to the top navigation

See the AI-powered docs menu on my top navigation. This menu has two options:

  • AI-powered documentation: Contains use cases for using AI with tech comm, including prompt engineering techniques for doc scenarios and more.
  • AI category posts: Contains all the posts that I’ve added to my ai category.

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