1. tcworld China 2021 keynote: 'Tech comm and marketing: How to make your tech comm group more visible to those within your company'

  2. New article in API doc course: 'Ensuring documentation coverage with each software release'

  3. Sending doc status reports -- a tool for visibility and relationship building [API doc course]

  4. Recording of 'Product overviews vs. getting started tutorials: striking a balance between read-first and try-first user behaviors'

  5. Review of "Hashtag #TechComm: An Overview of Members, Networks, and Themes from 2016-2019"

  6. New sections in API doc course exploring causes for poor product overviews and getting started tutorials

  7. Five basketball strategies and how they might apply to tech comm

  8. Balancing product overviews with getting started tutorials

  9. Write the Docs Podcast Episode 34: Adding personality to documentation, with Fabrizio Ferri

  10. Five project management responsibilities of senior technical writers

  11. Trying to get back to normal

  12. Paligo: Structured Authoring and Component Content Management made easy

  13. Experiments: Leaving reviews on Google Maps

  14. 10 characteristics of ambiguous content

  15. Experiments: Will reading a physical newspaper improve the way I consume news?

  16. Experiments: What would happen if I exercised 2 hours a day?

  17. Balancing action with narration: Creating product overviews and getting started tutorials to satisfy both try-first and read-first learning modes

  18. An in-depth look at MadCap Flare 2021’s New Markdown Import Feature

  19. Finding a focus

  20. Updated API Getting Started tutorial

  21. Technical writing course Q&A -- 'Become a Technical Writer', with Bobby Kennedy

  22. Updated Stoplight tutorial

  23. Switching from Skype to Zoom for podcasting tools

  24. Videocast: Micro content and Flare -- Conversation with Kate Schneider

  25. Updated glossary article with technical examples [API doc course]

  26. My life story, or reflections on what shaped my life's career trajectory

  27. Analyzing doc portals by looking at developer journeys -- recommended podcast episode from Cherryleaf

  28. Some good decisions and minor mistakes

  29. 10 observations after using my API documentation checklist in a real scenario

  30. Adding last modified timestamps to content

  31. Product overviews -- a tricky space where documentation and marketing overlap

  32. Q&A about Xeditor -- online XML editor -- with founder Matthias Kraus

  33. Write the Docs Podcast episode 33: Simplified user interfaces, with Anton Bollen

  34. Site analytics for 2020 -- trends, reflections, and thoughts

  35. Measuring documentation quality -- a rubric for developer docs