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Product overviews -- a tricky space where documentation and marketing overlap

by Tom Johnson on Feb 3, 2021
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I recently re-wrote the article about product overviews in my API docs course, giving the article much more depth and discussion. I also included a survey to gather your feedback about my viewpoints with the product overview.

Here’s the intro:

The product overview (usually the homepage of your product’s documentation) explains what you can do with the product, including the high-level business goals, the market needs or pain points it solves, who the product or other features are for, and other introductory information.

Although a seemingly simple page, the product overview can overlap into marketing domains, create redundancies with README’s, and pose challenges in connecting with a more diverse audience (both engineers and bizdev people) than the rest of your technical docs. Overall, the product overview is an area where documentation and marketing intersect in interesting ways.

Read more: API product overviews.

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