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Attend my upcoming TC Dojo presentation on Swagger on Jan 9, 2017

by Tom Johnson on Jan 6, 2017 •
categories: api-doc

I'm giving a TC Dojo presentation this Monday morning (Jan 9) on Swagger. If you're interested, you can register and attend for free. The event will also be recorded.

In the spirit of a dojo, my presentation is called Harnessing the Chi of Swagger in Your API Docs. Here’s the description:

Frequently when tech writers start creating API documentation, a developer will ask, Why don’t we use Swagger? Swagger, or the OpenAPI specification, is an open standard for describing your REST API. The Swagger/OpenAPI spec, which is created in YAML or JSON, can be parsed by different tools, such as the Swagger UI framework. Swagger UI can create an interactive experience for users to try out your API calls using their own API keys. This can be a powerful addition to your API documentation, since it gives users a sandbox to experiment with your API in an immediate way.

Date: Mon, Jan 9, 2017
Time: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM PST

Interested in previewing my slides? You can check out an early draft here, though I’m still working on them.

The TC Dojo presentation is sponsored by Single-Sourcing Solutions. You can learn more about TC Dojo here.

Jan 10, 2017 update: If you missed the presentation, you can watch it here:

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