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Preparing for technical writing jobs and interviews -- posts from Aaron Redshaw

by Tom Johnson on Mar 7, 2022
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If you're preparing for a technical writing interview, or looking to get experience to better qualify yourself for the tech comm job market, check out this helpful advice from my former colleague, Aaron Redshaw.

I worked with Aaron while at Amazon. One thing he mentioned to me was that, in my API course, my advice to get experience through an open-source project didn’t work so well. Many people tried volunteering their writing time and talents for these projects, only to be met with silence. Others had trouble even finding a suitable project. Transitioning into tech comm was also a challenge, with many unknowns and open questions.

So I’m glad to see that Aaron has started a series on how to prepare for technical writing jobs and interviews. So far, he has two in-depth articles on how to prepare for technical writing interviews:

And another article on how to get experience:

It seems that this focus (at least for now) for his blog is to provide advice on how to get a job in technical writing. This is great because these kinds of questions are among the most commonly asked in many tech writing forums (such as the /r/technicalwriting subreddit, or on some channels on Write the Docs Slack). I now have some good resources to point writers to.

I’ll add that Aaron himself has a great online presence with his website. I remember interviewing Aaron, checking out his site, and immediately being impressed. He also presented himself well during interviews. I can see now that he put a lot of time and thought into preparing for those interviews.

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