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ISTC article on developer documentation trends

by Tom Johnson on Aug 31, 2020
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I recently wrote an article for the Institute of Scientific Technical Communicators (ISTC) magazine Communicator called 'Developer documentation trends: How developer documentation trends differ from general technical communication trends.' This article provides the official writeup and analysis from the developer documentation survey that I conducted at the beginning of the year.

You can read the ISTC article in PDF form here:

ISTC article on developer documentation trends

I also added an HTML version on my API doc course here: Developer documentation trends — survey results. This writeup is the official presentation and analysis of the data.

Note that I’ve given two presentations that discuss the results as well:

A few people have asked whether I’ll be doing another survey in the future to see how trends evolve from the ones surveyed here. That might be a good idea. This space changes rather quickly, so perhaps I’ll follow up in 2022.

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