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New podcast: Unifying Technical Content Sets into a Broader Ecosystem, with Cruce Sanders at [A]

by Tom Johnson on Feb 14, 2020
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Cruce Sanders at [A] recently interviewed me for his podcast series Towards a Smarter World. The episode is called Unifying Technical Content Sets into a Broader Ecosystem, and we chat about some issues I wrote in an earlier article about agile teams and enterprise content strategy.

You can listen to the podcast on [A] here:

Podcast with Simple A and Cruce Sanders on agile versus the enterprise

The basic question of the post/podcast is how to balance small, independent agile teams with enterprise-wide content strategies. Agile software development seems to favor independent, autonomous teams. In contrast, enterprise content strategy looks to harmonize content across multiple teams and boundaries. In a current software development model where agile dominates as the norm, how do you reconcile larger needs for enterprise content strategy? You can read the article here: Autonomous Agile Teams and Enterprise Content Strategy: An Impossible Combination?

We also talk about a host of other issues. You can read a full transcript of the podcast in the episode details. Here are some questions/topics covered:

  • How to achieve an integrated customer experience with so many different, autonomous systems each with their own formats, systems, groups, tools, etc.
  • How the role of the tech writer has changed over the last decade, and what’s driving the evolution
  • How to get structured content out of Markdown and ways it can be transformed and ingested into a CCMS
  • How to assess your documentation’s quality
  • How to thrive in the coming years given the rapidly changing landscape

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