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Presentation on Writing and Web 2.0 by Keith Hoffman — Given at the University of Wisconsin

by Tom Johnson on May 8, 2007
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Duration: 52 min.

This is a presentation Keith Hoffman gave on writing and Web 2.0 at the University of Wisconsin a few months back. If you recall, Keith wrote the feature article in January's Intercom on Web 2.0. This podcast also has a video component, which you can watch it here.

Here's a little bit about Keith:

  • He's the [soon-to-be past] president of the Madison Wisconsin STC chapter
  • He's now the president of a group called the Wisconsin Communicators Council.
  • He has a blog at
  • You can contact him at [email protected].

Note that because this is a presentation, at times students ask questions and it's not really possible to hear their voices. Because of this, I've edited out or minimized some of these silence gaps. There are just a few of them. Overall this is a great podcast to listen to -- very informative and thought-provoking. Thanks for contributing it Keith!

Keith, by the way, has joined the podcasting team at Tech Writer Voices and will be publishing regular podcasts on the show and on his blog. If you'd like to get into podcasting and start publishing your audio recordings on Tech Writer Voices, contact me.

Music in this podcast is from Podshow.

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