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Video on SharePoint 2007 Wiki, Blog, and RSS Functionality from Microsoft's Channel 9

by Tom Johnson on Feb 7, 2007 • 0 Comments
categories: technical-writingwikis

If you're interested in learning more about the wiki, blog, and RSS functionality of SharePoint 2007, watch this movie from Microsoft's Channel 9.

To create a new page on the microsoft wiki, you just surround a name in double brackets, like this [[Getting Started]]. When you surround a word in double brackets, it becomes blue and underlined (i.e., a link). When you click the link, a new page is created. When the new page is created, the underlinine disappears and it just remains blue. It is extremely easy to create new pages in the wiki, and I think that's the strength of SharePoint 2007's wiki functionality.

For example, in the following screenshot, the link "Beginning a Mysite" is a page that is already created, but the two beneath it are like pages in waiting. When you click them, a new page gets created at that moment.

To add more pages, you just throw some double brackets [[around some words]] and voila, you have links with pages awaiting.

I'm assuming that you lay out a wiki table of contents by using the indent and outdent buttons on the wiki wysiwyg's toolbar, but I'm not entirely sure. It'd be nice to integrate a collapse and expand javascript feature, like webhelp often has. I also haven't found out how to edit the style sheet, but I know it's got to be there somewhere. My exploration continues ...

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