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How Information Travels in the Blogosphere -- a funny anecdote

by Tom Johnson on Jun 7, 2007
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It's interesting to watch the global flow of information in the blogosphere. Tonight I attended a presentation by Char James-Tanny at our Suncoast chapter meeting and heard her tell a story about the Battle of Kruger video she saw from Rhonda Bracey's blog.

A month ago, I invited technical communicators to post their blogs on the wiki. Someone posted a link to Steve Borsch's blog, which I added to my feedreader. From Borsch's blog (Minnesota), I picked out a Lip Dub video he posted and added it to my own blog (Florida).

In a comment Holly Harkness (Atlanta) left on my blog, she linked to the Battle of Kruger video, which her husband had sent her. Rhonda Bracey (Australia) saw the link in the comments and added the video as a new post on her blog. Char James-Tanny (Boston) saw the video on Rhonda's blog and added it to her presentation, which she gave to the Suncoast chapter in Florida tonight, with no knowledge of the video blogosphere travels. I was sitting there thinking, holy cow, how cool.

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