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Create RSS Feeds From Any Site With Ponyfish

by Tom Johnson on Jan 17, 2007
categories: technical-writing

Ponyfish allows you to create an RSS feed for sites that don't have them. If your favorite site is constantly maintained and updated, and there's no feed for it, just enter the URL into Ponyfish, configure it a little by clicking your mouse on the site's links, and Ponyfish will create a feed for you.


It's a little hard to believe that it actually works, but apparently there is quite a buzz about it. The user interface is fairly simple. You just click all the links on the page, and Ponyfish begins tracking changes to the content from those paths.

ponyfish demo

For example, the Orlando STC site is one that I wish had an RSS feed. Their site is really informative, but it lacks the RSS feed. How do I know when information has been added or updated? Does someone have to send me an e-mail, cluttering up my inbox?

Hence the concept of the feed. Let me know if you've used Ponyfish with success.

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