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Discussion about RoboHelp 6 — Interview with Rick Stone

by Tom Johnson on Feb 3, 2007 •
categories: podcasts

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Duration: 28 min.

When Adobe released RoboHelp 6, they touched off a hot debate among technical communicators. Rick Stone is one of the most ardent supporters of RoboHelp, and is the one behind the infamous Skinny on Skins file that shows you about a hundred ways to tweak your RoboHelp skin.

In this podcast on RoboHelp 6, the following topics are covered:

  • New features in RoboHelp 6
  • Rick's background with RoboHelp
  • Robohelp's integration with Captivate
  • Reasons behind inclusion of RoboScreen Capture
  • What Rick likes best about RoboHelp
  • Most often asked question in RoboHelp forums
  • Evaluating whether "new" features are really new
  • RoboHelp's viability as a single-sourcing tool
  • Adobe's move to outsource RoboHelp's development to India
  • Judging whether Adobe will really continue development of RoboHelp
  • Comparing RoboHelp with Flare
  • Command-line compilation in RoboHelp
  • Rewards for serving as a RoboHelp MVP

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