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Susan Burton Provides an Inside, In-Depth Look at STC's Most Pressing Issues

by Tom Johnson on Apr 2, 2007
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Duration: 89 min.

In this special presentation podcast, Susan Burton, executive director of the STC, provides an inside, in-depth look at the most pressing issues and challenges the STC faces. She also explains the initiatives underway to reshape the STC and provide more value to members.

Susan delivered this presentation to the Suncoast chapter on December 15, 2006, in Tampa, Florida. We were one of a handful of lucky chapters she visited. Her talk is one of the most interesting presentations you will ever hear. Through the podcast, the personal side of Susan -- her charisma and humor -- come through.

At the beginning of the podcast, you'll also hear the voice of Mark Lewis, our extraordinary audio engineer, who introduces the show.

Here are a few of the topics Susan covers:

  • Joining the STC as executive director, and stories that shaped her belief in technical communication
  • Challenging aspects of running nonprofit organizations
  • Understanding legal aspects related to nonprofit associations
  • Rewriting the bylaws to be in compliance with New York law
  • Partnering with other organizations
  • Adding value to STC memberships
  • Incorporating a business model to the STC (to make money and offer better services)
  • Addressing discrepancies with employment surveys to raise tech comm. salaries
  • Revamping the STC website to make it more useful
  • Understanding what it means to tell our powerful story and why its important to do so
  • Exploring certification for technical communicators
  • Redesigning the STC annual conference to address advanced needs
  • Implementing database management software
  • Dealing with exorbitant Arlington rent
  • Collecting stories about what we do

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