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STC Candidates: Submit a Story about a Defining Moment in Your Career

by Tom Johnson on Apr 4, 2007 •
categories: technical-writing

2007 ElectionsAfter I published the podcast interview with Nicky Bleiel, STC candidate running for director, I received a handful of emails from other candidates also asking to participate on the podcast. Some felt I wasn't providing fair election coverage, and others were just sorry to have missed the opportunity. Tech Writer Voices is all about listening and showcasing the voices of all technical writers, so I want to give everyone a chance to be heard.

I'm taking a fresh angle on hearing candidate's voices. Rather than having an online round table discussion with 5-6 people over Skype (which might be fun in the future, though I haven't tried it yet), I'm asking each candidate to write a one page narrative about a defining moment in his or her technical communication career. What experience helped shape your current view in the profession? Share a story related to your career that has meaning for you.

Anyone who is running for anything can submit his or her story to me at [email protected]. You can either read it yourself and submit the audio file (Wav or MP3 format) to me, or just submit text and I'll read it (or have someone else read it).

If you want to participate, please send me your story by Saturday evening, April 7. I will then read the stories on the next Tech Writer Voices podcast, which I'll publish on Monday, April 8.

(Note: By the way, if you're wondering when I extended the initial call, it was at the end of the "Is Technical Writing Boring?" podcast and also on a blog post here. I did not contact anyone directly.)

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