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Special STC Election podcast: Call for Participants

by Tom Johnson on Mar 16, 2007
categories: technical-writing

STC ElectionsWe're doing a special STC election podcast next Wednesday at 9 p.m. EST, talking with the different candidates running for STC offices. If you're running for election, and you want to talk about yourself and your vision/plans for the STC, contact me at [email protected]. All you need is a landline phone.

I mentioned this elections topic at the close of my last podcast.  Nicky Bleiel has already contacted me.

I'm curious to see how many candidates are tapped into the blogosphere enough to find this post on their own. Actually, I'm not sure any of the running leaders have blogs. This is a mistake. Blogs are the easiest way leaders can reach out to others, disseminate information, and build relationships. Holly Harkness's President's blog for the Atlanta STC is one of the coolest blogs I've seen. It's been great reading the news and notes from Paula Berger, but a blog might have been easier and more powerful.

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