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Podcast Revenue Idea: Provide 20 second Job Listing Spots in Place of Ads

by Tom Johnson on Feb 14, 2007
categories: technical-writing

I have been thinking about how to monetize Tech Writer Voices. Most podcasters spend a lot of time creating and editing audio for their podcasts. What's the return on investment? You can make money with podcasting, but the ads (such as ads for hosting services or other products), don't seem to generate enough profit to be worthwhile.

However, I just stumbled upon an idea that may prove to be a powerful revenue generator: selling job description spotlights. For $20, I'll read your job posting for at least 20 seconds at the beginning of the next Tech Writer Voices show.

Why would you want to list your job on Tech Writer Voices? Because, plain and simple, this is where all the people who are passionate about technical writing hang out. If someone is listening to topics about technical writing on his or her iPod while driving or working out, this person is passionate about the field. You want to hire these people. What do you think — would this idea work?

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