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My online absence isn't a permanent vacation

by Tom Johnson on Sep 8, 2007 •
categories: bloggingtechnical-writing

It's been a while since my last post. Sure I've busy with the move and new job, but I've also just fallen out of the habit of blogging. I know blogging can be evidence of an active, engaged mind, so I don't ever want to give it up. Please don't mistake my absence for a permanent vacation. I'm just in transition right now and other things are on the forefront of my life.

So where has my mind been? I've been learning a lot about storage area networks and the like. Plus my days are on a different schedule (four 10 hour days). Within a month or so I'll settle back into the rhythm of things.

Same goes for the podcast. I like reaching out and interacting with people. I also miss the frequent comments and interaction from this blog.

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