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Vista and Office 2007: Presentation by David McNamee from Microsoft

by Tom Johnson on May 31, 2007 •
categories: podcasts

David McNameeDownload MP3
Duration: 78 min.

David McNamee presented on Vista and Office 2007 to the Suncoast chapter in May 2007. This is a recording of his presentation. He talks about how the purpose of Vista and Office is to help you create, find, and share information more efficiently. Don't worry that you can't see Vista or Office 2007 in the podcast -- visualize it. He adds a lot of information about the concepts and philosophy behind the new ribbon approach, in addition to other usability and design factors.

There's not a lot on online help in this podcast. If you want to hear a podcast on Microsoft's new approach to help, check out this podcast from Rob Houser (STC Atlanta) on how Vista's online help affects the future of documentation.

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