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Google Maps Offers Mind-Blowing Street View -- It's Like Walking Around Virtually in a City

by Tom Johnson on May 31, 2007
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Google Maps now offers a street view to major cities on their maps. It's like there are 360 degree web cams set up all over major cities -- you can virtually explore them, cruising up and down streets. It's simply amazing. Check it out.The only disappointment is that more cities aren't available in the street view. I think right now it's limited to San Francisco, New York, Denver, Las Vegas, and Miami.

Watch this video for a two-minute explanation. I've been street viewing New York City for the past little while. Man, I miss that place. I was so creative and alive there. That was before I sold my soul to technical writing. Do a virtual tour walking down Broadway in NYC. Here are a few street view pictures:

Times Square
Times Square, the craziest, most visually stimulating place on earth

141st and Broadway area, near our first Brownstone experience (Harlem)

New York City
Near Juliard, this is the LDS building that is now a temple

Columbia Univ., School of the Arts (where I went to school)

Looking at these pictures reminds me of the time when I had creative writing foremost in my mind. What happened to that? Wow, it's like I'm remembering who I used to be ...

I guess I realized I needed to make a living, and technical writing (after a two-year teaching stint at the American Univ. in Cairo) is where I ended up. But looking back at New York makes me rethink my decision. Maybe I should be a tech writer by day, essayist by night.

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