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First Cohost Podcast — A Natural Conversation about Technical Writing

by Tom Johnson on Feb 14, 2007
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This podcast takes a different direction than the previous podcasts, which were more interview-driven. This time the podcast consists of Heidi Hansen (co-host) and me talking about various topics in technical communication. The flow is more conversational and spontaneous.

Topics covered include an introduction to the new co-host, competition entries, an interesting entry from Microsoft, audio in instructions, screen demos, the STC annual conference, other technical communication tools, wikis, blogs, NetVibes, Get me the Geeks video, David Pogue, Walt Mossberg, and more.

Links Mentioned in the Podcast


Held in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, the theme of the 8th Annual Documentation and Training Conference is The User Experience. The conference features sessions and workshops that help technical communication professionals improve the usefulness of the information products they create. I'll be speaking the usability of blogs, including an in-depth tutorial on WordPress. Learn more about the conference.

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