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Google Master Plan Video -- Speculations on the Hidden Purposes Behind Google's Information Collection

by Tom Johnson on Jun 13, 2007
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Destry Wion pointed out this video detailing Google's Master Plan to me. Really interesting presentation to watch. Google's simple motto is "Don't be evil," but as they achieve total human omniscience, won't it be tempting to start abusing that power? I hope they use it for good -- such as catching criminals and stopping terrorists, rather than empowering marketers.

Google is still viewed as cool; if they abuse their power, they'll lose that image and turn into Microsoft, which someone once described as the Darth Vader of Tech. It would be an interesting study to contrast the public images of Google vs. Microsoft and how each got that way.

[dailymotion 4gT7k3n7yP4Te8sOv]

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