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Jott—a Free Voicemail to Transcribed Text Memo Service

by Tom Johnson on Apr 28, 2007 •
categories: technical-writingweb-design

JottI just discovered Jott today. Jott transcribes voicemail you leave on its service as text, and then sends that text to you via e-mail. So if you're driving along and you have a memo to note, instead of writing it down, you just call a special Jott toll-free number, speak your memo, and Jott transcribes it as text and e-mails it to you.

You can also "jot" voicemail transcribed memos to others you've added to your Jott contact list. It's a cool service, but when I cranked up a podcast and tried to record an excerpt of it as a memo, Jott couldn't understand the speech. Darn. But if you speak into the phone clearly, it transcribes it rather well. For example, here's a jot I made tonight:

Hi Shannon its Tom, please save me a couple of cookies I will be back in about half an hour and I might get a movie or not, I am sending you this voice mail, which will be converted to text in your inbox, arriving in about five or ten minutes. Bye, love you. [...]. Bye, bye.

If you don't mind a few comma splices in the transcription, it's a great resource. Also, Jott is in beta right now, so everything is free.

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