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WIFM and Blogging

by Tom Johnson on Jan 5, 2007
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I was talking to a friend tonight about blogging. He doesn't have a blog, and I encouraged him to begin one. He hesitated and said he hadn't entered the blogosphere because he wasn't sure what was in it for him (the "What's In It For Me" principle).

What exactly is the reason for blogging? What do I get out of it, and why might others start blogging?

It's a good question. Here is a start at a few answers:

  • Blogging allows me to put my thoughts into writing
  • Blogging helps me connect with people around me on a global level
  • Blogging allows me to build up content for the Tech Writer Voices podcast
  • Blogging makes me exist to the external world (visibility)
  • Perhaps blogging is helping me build a professional network among other technical writers
  • Blogging makes me more aware of technical writing trends and activities
  • Blogging helps me participate in Web 2.0
  • The adsense model incorporated into my blog provides a steady second income. Just kidding, but wouldn't that be great?

I know communication and connectedness are general, vague benefits, but basically blogging helps me interact with others in ways not possible without a blog. Particularly having both a blog and a podcast, I swear I'm communicating with all kinds of people I never otherwise would. To be so connected to others like this is an amazing feeling -- it is the feeling of web 2.0, being part of the global community.

Without blogging, I feel like I'd be out of the loop, disconnected, back in the 90s.

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