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Mike Hamilton Gives Flare Demo to the Suncoast Chapter

by Tom Johnson on Jan 5, 2007
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Listen here:

Mike Hamilton from Madcap Software visited the Suncoast chapter in Tampa, Florida, and presented on Flare. In this presentation, he talks about the real story behind RoboHelp and Macromedia/Adobe (this blew my mind). He also provides a lot of inside detail on Flare.

flareSpecific topics in the podcast include:

  • Importing and exporting Flare projects (more impressive than you might think)
  • One major limitation of Robohelp with single-sourcing when it comes to indexes (oh man, I wish I knew this earlier)
  • Flare's visual XML editor (nice)
  • Modifying lists and tables by manipulating structure bars with Flare's editor (the technical writer's dream)
  • Flare's undockable panes and customization of the workspace (potentially very powerful, especially if you have two monitors)
  • The powerful and robust style editor in Flare (truly awesome in scope)
  • Madcap Mimic and its purpose, especially in comparison to Captivate (intriguing about the file sizes)
  • Madcap Capture and its special layering of images (interesting feature)

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