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Mike Hamilton Gives Flare Demo to the Suncoast Chapter

by Tom Johnson on Jan 5, 2007 •
categories: podcasts

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Duration: 109 min.

Mike Hamilton from Madcap Software visited the Suncoast chapter in Tampa, Florida, and presented on Flare. In this presentation, he talks about the real story behind RoboHelp and Macromedia/Adobe (this blew my mind). He also provides a lot of inside detail on Flare.

flareSpecific topics in the podcast include:

  • Importing and exporting Flare projects (more impressive than you might think)
  • One major limitation of Robohelp with single-sourcing when it comes to indexes (oh man, I wish I knew this earlier)
  • Flare's visual XML editor (nice)
  • Modifying lists and tables by manipulating structure bars with Flare's editor (the technical writer's dream)
  • Flare's undockable panes and customization of the workspace (potentially very powerful, especially if you have two monitors)
  • The powerful and robust style editor in Flare (truly awesome in scope)
  • Madcap Mimic and its purpose, especially in comparison to Captivate (intriguing about the file sizes)
  • Madcap Capture and its special layering of images (interesting feature)

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