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Two more surveys — Innovations and WritersUSA

by Tom Johnson on Feb 15, 2007 • 0 Comments
categories: technical-writing

Like taking surveys? Even if you don't, there are two more that you might just want to take:

  • The Innovations survey. This survey is an eye-opener as to what features are out there in help systems, and what features you believe are innovative. (Side note: The Hat-Matrix site, which lists a lot of the features of different help systems, is pretty interesting.)
  • The WritersUSA Salary survey. This survey is particularly important because it helps establish salary expectations for technical writers. The Bureau of Labor puts salaries about 10K lower than reality due to the way technical writers are categorized. These salary surveys help correct that false assumption and benefit the baseline salary for technical communicators globally. (Note: Take this survey in IE rather than Firefox.)
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