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Adobe Enters Blogosphere

by Tom Johnson on Jan 26, 2007
categories: technical-writing

Sarah O'Keefe just told me the news: Adobe has joined the blogosphere. More importantly, the RoboHelp development team just started a blog:


This is one of the best moves Adobe has made. I guess I was too impatient with my comments on their inaccessibility in my last post. It will be interesting to see how many people use their blog as an access point to provide feedback, recommendations, and comments.

With Vivek's first post, I see that the blog has the comment-moderation feature turned on. But hey, maybe that won't prove to be an issue.

I also see that they are using Movable Type as the blogging platform. For enterprise-wide blogging, Movable Type is the dominant platform. WordPress came out with their first edition of WordPress Multi User edition), but it is in infancy compared with Movable Type's enterprise edition. Movable Type might have cornered the blogging market had they not switched to a paid model and if their blogs were easier to install.

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