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Ze Frank's Show — STC Speaker in Minneapolis Conference

by Tom Johnson on Feb 15, 2007
categories: technical-writing

You probably saw the brief descriptions of the two keynote speakers at the STC Conference in March, but did you know one is a podcaster. Or a videocaster, or a new media artist. The show with zefrank is an interesting new video art form. He does some creative, theatrical commentary while looking at your straight in the eye.


Click the image above to see Ze Frank talk about Google and Valentine's day and "Googe." The show is a satire on Google's omission of an L in their Valentine's day mock up, but there's no overwhelming point to it other than artistic expression. He's like a humor columnist on video. You can watch more Ze Frank Shows here—click the popular shows link.

I haven't watched too many of these because I don't have a video iPod, but they are pretty funny. Not quite as good as Ask a Ninja, though. Even my kids like Ask a Ninja. Do you listen to any videocasts like these?

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