1. What I Learned About Tech Comm During 2011

  2. The Urge to Correct: Frustrations with Language Translation and Misuse

  3. Using Tags to Increase Findability

  4. What Tools Do Technical Writers Use

  5. Kanban and Limiting the Scope of Work

  6. Matrix Foretells Future of Learning

  7. Misleading Documentation Metrics

  8. Writing My Last Chapter

  9. Some Thoughts on Technical Writing in the Cloud

  10. Slides from STC Webinar on Organizing Content (Findability)

  11. My STC Webinar on Organizing Content -- This Thursday at 4pm EST

  12. Wiki Culture, Reader/Writer Distinctions, and Divergence from Structured Authoring

  13. Should Technical Writing Be Taught in High School? (Collaborative Post)

  14. Why I Returned to Wikis for Help Authoring

  15. Messages from My Tech Comm Sponsors -- November 2011

  16. Survey about Technical Writers and Blogging Activities

  17. Senior Technical Writer Job Opening at the LDS Church

  18. Moving Towards the "Dark Side": From Technical Writing to Content Marketing

  19. Managing 60 + Volunteer Writers

  20. Using Treejack as a Method for Evaluating Your Help's Navigation

  21. The Importance of a Personal Face -- On Halloween

  22. Blog Versus Web Log: Back to Origins

  23. Adding Captions to Youtube Videos

  24. Building Trust in a Corporate Blog

  25. The Conference Proposal I Didn't Submit

  26. Customizing the "No Results Found" Page with Helpful Wayfinding Tips

  27. Appearing on The Forge Show from TechSmith Today at 2pm EST

  28. Visual Storytelling Guides: A New Deliverable in Technical Communication?

  29. Visually Appealing Documents Combine Text with Images

  30. Why Rubrics Fail as a Means of Measuring Documentation Quality

  31. What I've Learned from Lunchtime Creative Writing Workshops

  32. How I Took Back My E-mail Inbox

  33. The Proximity Problem for Technical Writers

  34. Book Review: The Hunger Games, and a Possible Parallel for Technical Writers

  35. Should You Get a Graduate Degree in Technical Writing?

  36. Collaborative Post: Why Is the "Technical" More Important Than the "Writing"

  37. What Does It Mean to Know How to Write?

  38. My Review of the New Testament

  39. Three Solutions to the Corporate Blogging Paradox

  40. Book Review: The Lonely Polygamist, by Brady Udall

  41. Interview with Kevin Cuddihy, Editor of the STC Notebook Blog

  42. Blown Away by Author-it Aspect

  43. Book Review: A Practical Guide to Designing with Data, by Brian Suda

  44. Messages from Sponsors -- August 2011

  45. My Problem with Fiction, and How I Tried to Resolve It

  46. Familiarity Affects Preferences for Text or Video

  47. Guest Post: CMS UX Woes. It Shouldn't Be This Hard.

  48. Book Review: Developing User Assistance for Mobile Apps, by Joe Welinske

  49. A Few Notes from Usability Testing: Video Tutorials Get Watched, Text Gets Skipped

  50. Google Plus as a Professional Communication Tool

  51. Collaborative Post: Giving Guidance to a Masters Student about Technical Writing Careers

  52. Building on Past Successes for Future Directions

  53. Groupon's Copywriting Style

  54. On Content Strategy and Identity

  55. "One Day I'm Going to Figure Out the Solution to Help..."

  56. The Most Important Stories ... Aren't the Ones I'm Writing

  57. The Value of Content

  58. Why Is Corporate Blogging So Hard?

  59. Presentations Versus Conversations

  60. Technical Writing in China

  61. MindTouch Webinar — Organizing Help Content: The Problem of Findability

  62. Diverging Directions for Tech Comm: Social Media or Structured Authoring

  63. Does Translation Mean You Should Omit Illustrations?

  64. Message from Sponsors -- June 3, 2011

  65. Join the LDSTech Blog Project and Write Articles for Your Portfolio

  66. Where Topic-Based Authoring Fails: End-to-End Scenarios

  67. What Does It Mean to Be Innovative?

  68. Moving from Google Reader to Twitter Hashtags

  69. Podcast: Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-based Hierarchies

  70. Every Page Is Page One

  71. WordPress Workshop Outline for the STC Summit

  72. Examples of Help Systems that Provide Users with Multiple Entry Points?

  73. Will We Still Know Us, Tomorrow?

  74. Mooer's Law and Findability

  75. Avoiding Burnout as a Technical Writer [Collaborative Post]

  76. Messages from Sponsors -- May 4, 2011

  77. Collaborative Posts Q&A

  78. A Paradox of Navigation Metaphors for the Web

  79. Content Strategy for Content Agility

  80. Predicting Tech Comm's Future for Mobile

  81. Introducing Technical Writing World, a New Social Network for Technical Writers

  82. Topic Chunking and The Broken Alarm Clock

  83. The Importance of Chunking for Sorting

  84. Guest Post: To each their own

  85. Book Review: Everything is Miscellaneous, by David Weinberger

  86. Book Review: Letting Go of the Words, by Ginny Redish

  87. Getting Others to Work for You -- The First Step Toward Scalability

  88. Messages from My Sponsors -- April 6, 2011

  89. Podcast: Content Strategy and Agility, with Noz Urbina

  90. How to Become a Content Strategist [Collaborative Post]

  91. Book Review: Elements of Content Strategy, by Erin Kissane

  92. Book Review: Search Patterns, by Peter Morville and Jeffrey Callender

  93. New Content Strategy Podcast and Other Good Resources

  94. Seven Methods of Classification in a Hymnbook

  95. Organizing Help Content: Breaking Out of Topic-Based Hierarchies

  96. Podcast: A Practical Guide to Information Architecture, with Donna Spencer

  97. Arguments for and Against Tripane Help

  98. Podcast -- Visual Composing: Document Design for Print and Digital Media, with Jo Mackiewicz

  99. The Real Source of Findability

  100. Update on the Search for Enterprise Authoring

  101. Podcast with Alan Houser -- Candidate for STC Vice President

  102. Podcast with Victoria Koster-Lenhardt -- Candidate for STC Vice President

  103. Lots of Conferences Taking Place

  104. Trends in Search Engine Optimization -- Shifting from Search to Social?

  105. Post-Publishing Word Count Can Be Three Times as Long

  106. I am perhaps finishing my basement, someday

  107. WordPress Tips: Alternatives to Akismet, Design Software, and Dummy Content

  108. The Enterprise Help Authoring Problem

  109. "Powerful as a consumer, lame as an employee"

  110. Formalizing My Help Strategy

  111. The Problem of Free and the Long Tail of Content Production

  112. From DITA to VITA: Tracing Origins and Projecting the Future

  113. Making Help Content Enjoyable to Read -- Impossible Quest?

  114. Free Ticket to Intelligent Content 2011 Conference

  115. Less Text, Please: Contemporary Reading Behaviors and Short Formats

  116. Minimalistic Callouts Heighten Visual Appeal

  117. WordPress Tip: Add a Calendar to Your WordPress Site

  118. Findability and The Information Paradox

  119. "Don't know how you do it all": Some Thoughts on Productivity

  120. Structured Authoring Survey from Scriptorium

  121. Are Certificate Programs Helpful for Transitioning into Technical Writing? [Collaborative Post]

  122. My Review of the Old Testament (really)

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