Do you want to make technical writers aware of a product or service relevant to them? If so, I can help increase your product or service's visibility more than any other tech comm site online. I have one of the largest hubs where technical writers gather and interact to stay updated with the latest technical writing news, trends, and information in the industry.

How I increase visibility

I help increase visibility of your product through two primary means:

  • Impressions help increase awareness and familiarity with your product name. They also associate your product with an influential site on technical writing. Each time someone comes to I'd Rather Be Writing and sees your graphic, your brand awareness and reach increases.
  • Clicks measure the amount of traffic driven to your site. Clicks tend to have more measurable outcomes that can help increase downloads of your product, create potential leads, and ultimately create customers.

A good advertising campaign includes a mix of both impressions and clicks.


For billing, I send you an invoice through Paypal. Billing is done prior to any advertising efforts. Although the transaction is through PayPal, you can use either your credit card or PayPal account to submit payment. You can also mail me a check if you prefer.

If you have questions, contact me.