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Trying to Create Tech Writer Voices Logo

Jan 20, 2007 • general

I've been trying to create a logo for Tech Writer Voices, but I'm not a graphic artist, so my logo looks pretty amateur.

My idea is to have something like this:

logo ideal

The above image comes from someone's Flickr stream.

But instead of the RSS logo, I thought I'd put in a globe. So I loaded Google Earth, captured a globe image, and then inserted it into some headphones that I got off of Microsoft clipart.

tech writer voices logo

My idea behind using the globe is to emphasize the global nature of the technical writing community. So far, on Tech Writer Voices I've interviewed writers in Australia, India, South Korea, Canada, and the U.S. Listeners are also global.

The logo still doesn't emphasize the technical writer aspect of Tech Writer Voices. What icon symbolizes the technical writer? The old pencil might have once been the symbol of our trade, but I haven't used a pencil regularly for years.

Any ideas? If you have thoughts for the logo, please let me know. I want the image to communicate the focus of the podcast.

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Subscriber count: 4,300

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