New Theme Viewer: 39 WordPress Themes I Like

I created a theme viewer here: Most of the themes are attractive and well-designed. You navigate the theme viewer by clicking the links in the Themes section of the sidebar. Each theme wraps its own formatting around the same posts.

To download a theme’s files, see the instructions on the first post on the theme viewer site. Enjoy the themes—they were created by more than a dozen different designers. Let me know if it helps you find a theme for your site. And I wouldn’t mind adding more themes to the viewer too.

Here are the home pages of themes currently in the theme viewer:

What cool themes am I missing?

Madcap FlareAdobe Robohelp

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By Tom Johnson

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11 thoughts on “New Theme Viewer: 39 WordPress Themes I Like

  1. Rhonda

    Hi Tom

    Thanks for putting this list together. Googling for WordPress themes results in way too much choice, so it’s nice to have a this list as a starting point. I see you’ve steered clear of some of the ‘out there’ themes with the result that many of these could be used by businesses and professionals alike.

  2. ceejayoz

    Cheers for including Tarski in your list of themes. :)

    p.s. it looks a lot better when it’s centred – that’s the new default as of 1.4.

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